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Optional Accessories

PIPE FLASHING  replace_copy

The pipe flashings provide a tidy solution for passing solar flow and return pipes through the house roof.

Sales Codes:
SOL509TRF Pipe flashing; Tiled roof
SOL510SRF Pipe flashing; Slate roof
SOL524VTL Glidevale G1 Roof Vent, IAB Approved

Much like a car engine, solar collectors rely on the glycol/water anti-freeze mix to prevent them from overheating and getting damaged. If solar collectors are installed on a roof before the systems has been commissioned with the glycol/water anti-freeze then they must be protected from sunlight. The Firebird solar covers have a special UV protection to prevent the panels from overheating.

Sales Codes:
SOL514FPC Solar Cover - Flat Plate
SOL515VTC Solar Cover - Vacuum Tube