FAQ's - Solar Hot Water Heating

Scaled Solar SystemFirebird solar systems are available from all leading heating and plumbing merchants nationwide. In order to offer our customers the widest choice possible systems can be order in kit form or as individual components.

Kits have been set up for flat plate, heat pipe and vacuum tube collector systems. The kits typically include panels, roof mounting fixtures, expansion vessel, solar anti-freeze fluid, mixing valve, stop valve and an air vent. Extra collectors can be add to the kit order if necessary.

Because each house installation will be different, the installer will need to supply pipe work, roof flashing for pipes and standard plumbing fittings. These should normally be available from heating and plumbing merchants.

System sizing is dependent on the number of persons living in a household and their daily hot water usage. As a rule of thumb 1m² of aperture is recommended per person. On average a person uses 40 to 50 litres of hot water per day so a 200 litre tank would be sufficient for a 4-5 person household, while a 300L tank should be used for a household with 6 or more persons.

Installed dimension are provided in the technical manuals available in the Download section of our website.

We would always advise that you consult local planning regulations before installing a solar system. In Ireland the Department of Environment introduced new legislation which gives favourable planning exemptions for solar and other renewable energies. Full details are available on the Department of Environment website www.environ.ie

Yes. The approval numbers are:

Flat panel SEI-ST-196
Vacuum Tube SEI-ST-197

Firebird are currently working on MCS accreditation for the UK market

Full details on the SEAI Greener Homes grant scheme on how to apply for a grant are available on the SAI website http://www.seai.ie/Grants/GreenerHomes/. Customers should ensure that grant approval is received before proceeding with the purchase of the solar system. You will require certain technical information for the Firebird solar collections can be found in the ‘Grant’ section of this website.