Installation & Commissioning

Firebird solar systems must be installed and commissioned by a suitably qualified engineer.

The solar system should be filled and commissioned as soon as possible after installation to avoid any unnecessary heat build up in the collectors. If there is a delay with the commissioning of the solar system make sure that the collectors are covered with a suitable weather and UV-proof cover.

Service & Maintenance

Firebird recommends that the solar system is checked annually. A full checklist is provided in our Solar Product Guide in the downloads section of this website.

Our Warranty Policy

Firebird offers 5 years warranty on solar collectors and 2 years warranty on all other parts subject to our warranty terms and conditions. The warranty period is from date of installation, provided installation has occurred within 12 months of date of purchase.

Click here to download the terms and conditions of Firebird's Guarantee (pdf).

Solar Warranty Registration Form

Click here to download our warranty registration card.