Controller and Pump Stations


The Firebird solar controller incorporating the pumping station manages the efficient transfer of solar heat energy from the collectors to the water storage tank. The controller can also regulate when the back-up heating system should be activated.

The controller also displays key system data such as;

  • Collector temperature
  • Temperatures in upper and lower sections of tank
  • Activity of circulating pump & back-up heating system
Sales Codes:
SOL401CTR Deltasol BS Controller & FlowCon Pump Station (Option for East-West Installation)
SOL403CTR Deltasol BS Plus Controller & FlowCon Pump Station

Pump Stations

Circulation pump station incorporates the key plumbing components of a solar circuit.

  • Circulating pump
  • Non-return valve
  • Flow regulator
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Connection for expansion vessel
  • Filling points for solar fluid

A special BS Plus controller is available for dealing with East/West installations. This controller will also require a different Flowcon Pump station.

Sales Codes:
SOL404FMT Single pump station (add to existing FlowCon Pump Station)