The solar twin coil tank is used to store hot water heated by the solar system. The tank has two internal coils; the solar circuit provides heat through the lower coil while the back-up heating system (boiler) will heat the hot water via the upper coil.
Firebird water storage tanks are built from premium quality stainless steel and include an electric immersion as standard. We currently provide 200 and 300 litre twin coil unvented solar tanks plus a 300 litre triple coil open-vented tank with a 1"" coil, suitable for a solid fuel heating source.

Sales Codes:
SOL215TNK Twin Coil Solar Unvented Tank, 215 litres
SOL305TNK Twin Coil Solar Unvented Tank, 305 litres
SOL305TTK Triple Coil Solar Open Vented Tank, 305 litres